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ISO 15288 for Construction

A15 Highway construction project

A-Lanes A15 successfully won the contract for the design, build, financing and construction of  the A15 highway, located at the Port of Rotterdam. The highway runs between between Maasvlakte and Vaanplein and will consist of 5 lanes each way when completed.

A-Lanes is a consortium of partners: Ballast Nedam, Strukton, Strabag, J.Laing and Croon. A-Lanes is implementing a management system against ISO 15288 (Systems Life cycle standard) and will be assessed using ISO 15504. A-Lanes A15 has engaged Leistungs Consult GmbH as their advisor and assessor.

"This represents a first in using ISO 15288 and 15504 for large construction projects" stated Han van Loon principal of Leistungs Consult. The ISO 15504 part 6 process assessment model is already being used in assessments.

News items about the A-Lanes A15 are here and here and here

A15 project completed

The A-Lanes-A15 consortium reached a critical milestone in the project with the completion of the liftable bridge decks at Botlek. The figures for this bridge are awesome. The two road and rail decks are each the size of a football field (100m x 55m) and weigh 5000 tonnes each. They are by far the biggest liftable structures ever built.

Construction projects and Practical Process Profiles

Several projects decided to pro-actively set targets for its process capability so it sets improvement goals that reduce project risk. A-Lanes choose to engage Leistungs Consult to run a Practical Process Profile workshop to set the target process profiles.

"This is the second successful major industry use of Practical Process Profiles," stated Han van Loon, principal of Leistungs Consult "the first was in the space industry." "The result proves that the method successfully works in diverse industries and provides a clear and usable benefit," Han went on to state that practical process profiles provide a compelling and sustainable way to reduce risk by managing key processes better.

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