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The compliance conundrum

Customers often specify standards for compliance purposes. They know that if a contractor or supplier fulfills the requested standard the likelihood of failure is reduced.

Typically for ISO standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and other ISO standards are specified so that the contractor will reduce the likelihood of problems and meet minimum standards for management, development, environment and society aspects of projects.

For systems ranging from air traffic control to construction customers are now specifying ISO 15288. For software development customers specify ISO 12207 and for IT services the use of ISO 20000.

But for suppliers and contractors, defining processes to meet customer compliance needs often results in a lot of effort with meagre prospects of long term benefits.

Aiming for success

What if you want to improve your chances of success and reduce waste even more than mere compliance will achieve?

Can you reduce risk and increase value without 'bolting on' additional processes and activities?

Leistungs Consult developed ISO 15504 part 9 and the Practical Process Profiles methodology to address this challenge. Using the methodology, it is possible to highlight a few key processes that when managed at higher process capability levels reduce risk and improve value.

The methodology works with all process life cycles that can be assessed with ISO 15504, including systems (ISO 15288), software (ISO12207), IT services (ISO 20000), as well working for processes defined using the ISO best practices.

A-Lanes recently used Practical Process Profiles to create target process profiles that reduce managing a complex highway construction project. ESA used the method to specify key project processes related to human safety.

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