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Advanced process engineering

Advanced process engineering is the discipline of creating and improving processes to produce desired outcomes in conjunction with people and products (see the People-Process-Product model for more on holistic improvement). In Leistungs Consult, the people aspects are handled through the use of STARS.

The desired process outcomes are defined in terms of VALUE, in Lean this is termed a value proposition, which meets the customer/stakeholder needs and expectations. 

Advanced process engineering needs to consider both VALUE and RISK. Performing the basic activities in a process brings basic value, that's why we do the activities, but these are not always fully achieved (i.e.risk). If the activities and processes are managed better, we can reduce the risk of not achieving the desired outcomes. Managing better is measured through process capability. In ISO 15504 there are 6 process capability levels. Level 0 means the process does not achieve its purpose, level 5 means the process is optimizing and continually improving.

Most existing methods recognize that risks need to be identified and managed but until now there has been no rigorous method to associate risk with process capability. Leistungs Consult's Practical Process Profiles provide a methodology to make this association, so that a process is engineered to reduce risk and increase the probability to achieve the value proposition. It is the first methodology world-wide that makes this possible and has been proven in work performed for the European Space Agency. It is the Intellectual Property Right of Leistungs Consult GmbH.

The methodology was recently used by the winning consortium for the A15 highway construction project in the Netherlands: A Lanes A15.

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