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Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504
Process Asessment and Improvement

Process Assessment and Improvement

A practical guide. 2nd Edition

Han van Loon      Out now, order on-line!

ISBN-13: 978-0-387-30044-3

This book provides the reader with practical advice on improving their organization through process assessment, combined with people factors such as organizational culture and team based improvement. The book covers practical implementation aspects of process assessment and improvement, complementing the detailed reference material in the Reference Book that is focused on describing the standard.

The book covers the three major business reasons for process assessment including setting Target Profiles, Process Capability Determination and Process Improvement. The book provides powerful figures on the costs of poor quality, and the benefits of improvement for organizations involved in software and IT. The book provides comprehensive improvement programmes and also agile improvement methodologies, grounded in successful practices that have been employed in world class organizations. There are chapters on industry experience using the ISO standard, six sigma and CMMI. Useful examples, templates and tools are provided in Annexes.

Recommended Retail Price: 100 Euro

Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504

A Reference Book 2nd Edition   Out now, order on-line!

ISBN-13: 978-0-387-30048-1

This book provides the reader with a detailed interpretation of the ISO/IEC 15504 Process Assessment Standard. This standard goes beyond quality audits to help you assess how well your organization performs its processes. The book provides guidance for readers on the ISO/IEC process assessment standard. It describes the power and benefits of a process approach, and process assessment. It guides the reader through the various parts of the standard in an understandable and practical manner. The early chapters introduce the standard and basic concepts of processes and process assessment, and the measurement framework. Chapters 5 to 7 describe various process reference models, process assessment models and process lifecycle models. Chapter 7 also includes comparison to agile methodologies, especially Extreme Programming. Chapter 8 describes requirements for assessors, assessor qualifications and assessment teams. Assessors will find a useful comparison to SEI CMMI ® and FAA iCMM. Managers will find guidance in selecting and applying process assessment to benefit their organizations. The book is complemented by a practical guide, which describes the practical application of assessments.

Recommended Retail Price: 100 Euro  

Out now!

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