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The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has a specific process assessment model called CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated). This is a second generation assessment model (their first generation model being SW CMM).

The SEI CMMI provides a number of features:

  • A measurement framework with 6 defined Capability Maturity Levels.
  • Sets of processes for each maturity level.
  • A simple to understand maturity profile.

The SEI CMMI v1.2 has combined previously distinct variants of the CMMI into one assessment model. It has also slightly expanded into a process life cycle approach. Hence users of the CMMI are able to implement process sets in an ordered method, with the understanding that each higher maturity level process set builds upon those at the lower maturity level(s). This is the so-called staged maturity model. This is the most commonly used model and suits businesses that have a generic set of problems or risks that they need to handle.

The SEI CMMI also provides a continuous process representation, that in general complies with the international standard ISO/IEC 15504.

To learn more about the standard, refer to the author's books.

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