Business excellence

Business excellence is about satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations.

The three critical success factors for business excellence are:

  • Motivated people
  • Optimized processes
  • Supportive products

We use the STARS methodology and Agile methods like Scrum to address all three success factors in a holistic manner (together).

STARS starts from a personal perspective (“what can I do?”), expands into a team perspective (“how to create and foster high performance teams”), expands further to address organizational culture (“symphonic collaboration”) and culminates in a sustainable improvement and innovation theme (“striving for excellence”).

STARS describes customer and product themes that address satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations with products and services. It includes strategic, innovational and operational principles. STARS has a systems theme that incorporates systems thinking and an environmental theme that addresses environmental and sustainability concerns.

STARS is not just a nice theory, it has been used in real business enterprises to achieve a culture of high quality business excellence. STARS has been taught in corporate and public courses by Han van Loon for over two decades. In some ways, STARS is also a result of the hundreds of people who have attended the STARS workshops. For more about STARS, see the Reach for the STARS publication page and the STARS Workshop pages for training courses.

         STARS is a methodology that promotes business excellence with a human touch!