World class coaching

Coaching is a good method for hands on learning and improving existing practices. Coaching helps people succeed:

  • Better results, fewer problems, shorter time taken
  • Better learning of new methods and practices by reinforcement of learning in the required situation and environment
  • Better and more effective work practices - do the right thing at the right time
  • Get rid of wasteful practices and processes - tailor the process to the people
  • Better estimation and short term planning when using agile methods
  • Better teamwork and enhanced team spirit
  • Better individual work and better motivation
  • Easy initial improvements lead to early benefit and the ability to make further improvements
  • Your current and next projects will be better and at the same time cheaper if agile coaching used

Coaching provides just-in-time training and reinforcement. It can be used to learn better methods and practices in a way that matches your needs. It can also show how to implement the concepts described in workshops or formal training in real situations and handle real incidents and problems. It can tailor general methods to specific uses.

No two people work exactly the same, no two projects are exactly the same. A good coach will give you what you need when you need it (a lean thinking approach). You will learn and use new methods, and coaching will make sure you do it right the first time. Coaching will answer your questions when you ask them.

We perform coaching for individuals and small teams. We have coached in software development using a variety of methods including agile methods, in service delivery, Information Technology management, project management, business projects, and in quality and process management.

We guarantee satisfaction.

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