Scrum master coach

A good Scrum master helps a Scrum team implement Scrum, while a good Scrum master coach will train the scrum master, the team and product owner so they understand how to start using Scrum. The Scrum master coach should be a trained and highly experienced person with extensive skills in coaching teams in Scrum.

An experienced Scrum master coach will also coach the team in the initial sprints so that the lessons taught in the training are rapidly and successfully implemented on the actual project. This will result in achieving greater business benefits sooner. The fastest and best way to achieve success is to train and then immediately launch the team into Scrum with a Scrum master coach coaching the team. This realizes immediate return on investment as the team reaches better effectiveness and efficiency sooner and creates higher quality product outcomes. An experienced Scrum master coach  can help team members to become scrum masters.

A great Scrum master coach will ensure the team achieves success from the start, reducing the adoption and learning curve so that pain points disappear and impediments are rapidly removed. It is proven to be cheaper to invest in coaching than to leave the team to learn on the job on its own.

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