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STARS Socio-cultural management

STARS has a culture theme, focused on socio-cultural management within enterprises. Culture can vary widely between people, professions, organizations, regions and nations. Each impacts to some extent on the other.

For organizations, it is important to understand their own culture in order to optimize the contribution that people make to the organization's vision and mission. The culture affects the way that traditional management disciplines (e.g. quality management, information management, process management) are best implemented. The organizational culture has an even greater effect upon how to implement knowledge and change management. This is because knowledge and change management are also intensely people oriented.

In STARS, the cultural theme proposes socio-cultural survey, using a variety of means to form a clearer understanding of the existing culture. This highlights norms and values, both across the organization and for various departments, sections, business units and teams (i.e. sub-cultures).

It covers how training helps create shared experiences which in turn help to shape the culture of the organization and the people who comprise it. It looks at how to motivate people to achieve better outcomes and how organization wide synergies lead to symphonic collaboration. For organizations that seek to improve their overall performance, STARS helps focus change leadership on the key success factors required.

The combination of the STARS cultural theme and the Sustainable Improvement theme provide effective change management.

The combination of the STARS cultural theme and the STARS Knowledge cycle provide 'culturally sensitive knowledge management and foster change 'from within'.

STARS cultural modeling combines the work of existing cultural experts with unique elements to help leaders and managers understand the benefits of socio-cultural survey in planning and leading change management in organizations. In particular, it can benefit change in organizationally and geographically dispersed networks.

You are welcome to download the linked diagram: STARS Cultural Model on the basis that you respect the copyright of the author. You may distribute or link to this diagram, so long as it is not altered or excerpted in any way.

STARS Cultural Model

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