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Reach for the STARS Hardcover
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Assessment Books
Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504
Process Asessment and Improvement

The following E-documents are available for download to licensed users. 

Licenses can be purchased in the LC Shop.


  • Agile projects describes a successful approach to implementing agile project management, software development and deployment.
  • Agile Contracting describes how to implement an agile approach to creating and using contracts with external customers, so that agile projects are not delayed due to contractual issues.
  • Survey of culture, knowledge workers, improvement and innovation report on a world-wide survey of knowledge intensive organizations, particularly in the service areas and also in IT, Education and software development sectors.
  • Using Extreme Programming and how to assess its process impact.
  • How corporate culture affects improvement.
  • How to improve the business culture to improve 'improvement'.

  • Corporate article: Team Based Business Design Improvement. A superior way to improve.
  • Corporate article: Reach for the STARS book excerpt.
  • Corporate article: Using risk to set process capability. A way to not only improve but also reduce risk.

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