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A nice stay in Hong Kong

I recently had the fortune to be a guest at the Marriott Courtyard on Hong Kong island. 

My genial host was Robert Chiang, the general manager of the hotel who together with his staff, including Chrisangel, Amanda, Crystal, Peter and all the staff in the member's lounge, took good care of me during my stay.

I got an upgrade to a harbour view room on the 18th floor and access to the member lounge. The Marriott Courtyards I have stayed at in the USA often don't have one. This is one of several differences I saw for the better, including more staff to serve guests, breakfast and supper plus drinks in the lounge. The Hong Kong Marriott Courtyard are trying to blend their local cultural orientation with the expectations from the Marriott corporate branding imperatives and higher levels of service is one aspect of this. I chatted with Robert Chiang about this a couple of time. I gave him my STARS pocket book as it has some cultural models in it, which might help consider the important cultural factors to consider in this blend. Robert arranged a special dinner for long staying members and I was lucky to get an invitation.

The hotel is not too far from the HKU (Hong Kong University) MTR station, so I made a daily trek using the MTR to Taikoo place in Quarry Bay where I was working. Even though the walk was less then a kilometre I certainly felt the weather to and from my office. Every day was 30C+ and humid so it was a relief to get back to a perfectly air-conditioned room each evening. I still got out and about on the weekends and some evenings. You will see some of my photos under the Hong Kong pages of the site.

One of the joys of Hong Kong as a photographer is taking photos of the city skyline, particularly around sunset and dusk. I was lucky enough to catch a few good sunsets, which are not often the case in the summer months, when cloudy skies are more common.

With my usual, slightly cheeky manner, I asked if I could arrange to take some photos from the hotel roof, you see the results on this page.

You will also see photos from my stay including on the avenue of the stars, where people were posing in front of the Bruce Lee status making 'kung fu' noises; the 28 shoes Hong Kong theme page - thanks to the lady with the bag for provoking me to do this as street photography; Happy valley horse races; and various other locations around Hong Kong and Kowloon. I also did a day trip to Dafen Art village in Shenzhen, China.

As always you are welcome to link to the photos for non-commercial purposes and contact me if you want to use any for commercial purposes so we can come to an agreement.



Marriott Sunset

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