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ISO TR 15504 part 9 is approved

ISO TR 15504 part 9 has now completed the standards editing process.

It was approved in a vote of national delegates for publication at the end of 2010.

The new standard will be available in early 2011.

ISO TR 15504 Part 9

Leistungs Consult is sponsoring and Han van Loon is the author and project editor for a new standard within the ISO 15504 suite. This new part 9 describes the use and definition of Target Process Profiles.

ISO/IEC 15504 consists of 3 main elements:

  • A measurement framework with 6 defined Process Capability Levels.
  • A set of requirements for defining processes.
  • A set of requirements for how to perform consistent assessments.

A Target Process Profile provides a desired target for the purpose of selecting suppliers for specific projects, programmes and product types, and for targeting improvement of processes to meet defined business needs.

Leistings Consult provides a fully compliant method called Practical Process Profile.

Overview of Target Process Profile use.

ISO 15504 Part 9

The new standard will guide users how to select processes and set a Capability Level or Process Attributes for each process. It is based on ground-breaking research into how processes can mitigate risk and create business value. Unlike conventional risk analysis that is about adding risk specific processes or activities, it looks at business risk and determines what key processes and their capability are needed in normal operation so that the risks are reduced or eliminated. The cost of doing this is much less than the cost of fixing problems when a risk becomes a problem. The Practical Process Profiles methodology is fully compatible with the emerging standard.

Latest news - ISO 15504-9 has completed working draft and reached CD (Committee Draft) stage, an important step forward in the standards process. The contents cover:

  • Introduction to the standard
  • Target process profiles sponsor role and responsibilities
  • Target process profiles overview - purpose and outcomes
  • Deploying a documented process to create profiles

Defining a target process profile

  • Defining the purpose of the target process profile
  • Select the community of use
  • Define the business requirements
  • Define the domain of application
  • Define categories for the domain of application
  • Define target process profile factors used to convert the intended use into process attributes
  • Define criteria for data and information collection
  • Select business processes and practices, PRM and PAM
  • Define target process profile output content and format
  • Define target capability statement

Process for creating, selecting and using Target Process Profiles

  • Create the target process profiles
  • Using target process profiles
  • Application for gap analysis

Qualification of persons creating and using the target process profiles

To learn more about applying the methodology for implementing the standard, see Practical Process Profiles methodology, refer to the author's books or contact the author

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