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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a fundamental standard for enterprises seeking to establish a reputation for quality. We provide several ISO 9001 services for small, medium and large enterprises:

  • We produce quality manuals to ISO 9001
  • We produce procedures to ISO 9001
  • We are certified ISO9001 auditors and can audit your quality system against ISO 9001
  • We perform process engineering and optimisation for companies using ISO 9001
  • We can recommend improvement to ISO 9001 based quality systems, by either performing ISO 15504 assessments or by our superior TBBDI methods

In fact our own enterprise has an ISO 9001 compliant quality manual, something you should insist that your consultants also have. We do what we say, so we use our own recommendations in our own business.

As well as ISO 9001 itself, there are a number of industry specific variants and application guides. These include ISO/TS16949 for automotive, AS9100 for aerospace and AS9110 for aerospace MROs. For readers interested in the latest method to make specific industry variant improvement targets and even enterprise and team/project variants, it is suggested they look at Practical Process Profiles. This provides a risk based method to determine the key and major processes that most affect a business and hence the processes to improve for the best return on investment (ROI).

We have decades of experience covering businesses in financial, transport, aerospace, defence, insurance, IT and software development sectors.

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