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Evolution of a logo

Just for the visually oriented people out in web land...

My original logo was based upon a combination of Yin & Yang plus the symbol for Infinity. It was in black and white, the normal colours used for Yin & Yang. I intentionally combined the infinity symbol and the Yin and Yang symbol to illustrate the importance to consider various aspects of a subject holistically.  The combined symbol signifies the need to achieve a dynamic balance.  There is a natural tension and competition between the current status quo and the need to change. The double loop of the infinity symbol together with Yin and Yang indicate the ongoing nature of reinforcement and change, improvement and innovation, personal and sustained improvement, the balance between people, process and product.

The logo was first used on the cover of my process books, with 9 steps in the infinity symbol representing the 9 step improvement cycle in that book.

The next step in evolution was to go to a colour representation, using yellow and blue, which while colour opposites, are still closer than black and white. This change represents the colour equivalent of seeking consensus between people, while embracing each person's uniqueness and potential value in contributing to a consensus.

Both logos are two dimensional, but we do not live in a two dimensional world. So the next step was to evolve the logo into a three dimensional representation that better reflects our world. This logo is used for the main web site identifier. Although it is probably difficult to see, the infinity symbol now wraps around the globe.

The next step in the evolution was to add the fourth dimension - time! All living systems evolve over time, people especially, so leadership and management need to reflect and shape this reality. Hence the logos you see on this page represents these four dimensions.

Han van Loon

The second logo uses the earth (courtesy NASA) within the representation.

The 4th Dimension

The Logo in four dimensions and the fifth element - around the world!

From time to time, further variants of the logo will appear here.

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