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STARS workshops

Han van Loon runs STARS Thought Leadership workshops as volunteer charity work to help students and young professionals. The workshops are free for students and a voluntary donation requested from young professionals, the total proceeds are donated to Medecine Sans Frontiers. The workshops can cover individuals, teams and sustainability themes. Workshops have taken place in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, USA, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Kuwait, many of which have been run as part of the IEEE Professional Activities volunteer activity,

"It was a real pleasure to attend today at EPFL the "Thought Leadership Workshop" delivered by Prof. Han van Loon. A fun and interactive approach to team management and leadership."   Maria Alexander Paun.

"I thought the workshop with Professor Han van Loon on leadership was definitely out of the box. A non-conventional leadership workshop. Han's creates a friendly participative atmosphere, with simple but very illustrative exercises, diving into personal and team aspects. The book is a lovely token to build on top of and refer to. Life is short, set your goals, and instead of dreaming it just do it. "   Mathieu Coustans

'I actually booked for another session but came to this session by chance and am pleased I did' Ronny.  

'Exceeded my expectations'. Ana

"Since I have listen to your spoken and written words I re-discovered my passion for leading. I am reading your book right now. It is amazing and easy as well."  Johanna Dahm, HEADS Executive Consultancy

"I would like to thank you for organizing this great event! It was really worth spending a whole day with this amazing lecturer who taught us a lot due to his international work experience. I would be glad if we could have further workshops like this in the future at USI."   Katharina, Master in Management

"It was really very beneficial and illuminating. I am sure that the presented information will be useful in all spheres of my life, and will become an integral part of my knowledge, and one of my key competences. Very interesting and practical. Far different than the lectures I was attending during my studies."    Armando, Master in Informatics

"STARS allowed the opportunity to look at leadership through another perspective.  The Workshop was worth every minute and I look forward to reading the book."   Bryce, Master in Management.

"Exactly what I am interested in. I am a Management master student, so all the information was relevant not only to my studies, but also to my interests."   Jessica, Master of Management student.

"I learned a lot about the leadership and the management theories and models, something that could be implemented into the practice."  Paolo, Lecturer.

"I really liked him. Prof. van Loon seems to be so experienced and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this one and this day passed so fast for me (not like some other workshops I have previously attended), so it would be great to organize more of them. I give it a 9.5/10. I really enjoyed it. It was not only a theory, but also the workshop was full of examples and interactive games. Really worth it."      Aleksandar, Master in Management

"Great! Far more interactive than I could expect. Simple and fun exercises reminded me how to organize my work. And everything is so simple and obvious. Great lecturer! Despite his experience and knowledge very approachable and direct. The atmosphere during the workshop made me remember the quote from Confucious: “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Engage me and I will understand.”     Igor, informatics PhD student

“The STARS workshop with Professor Han van Loon was a very useful introduction to key concepts and best practices of team management, leadership, and time management, with interactive exercises and examples of techniques that can help you achieve your goals in life, both personal and professional."   Joana Machado