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Process Optimisation

An important aspect of business excellence is process optimisation. We have decades of experience in process engineering with the aim to optimise business processes. This includes coverage of businesses in financial, transport, aerospace, defence, insurance, IT and software development sectors.

We have decades of experience with ISO 9001 conformant quality systems. ISO 9001 provides a solid basis for quality. However, we recommend optimising business processes at a higher level of process capability than ISO 9001. In general, as processes are optimised at higher levels, the number of problems are reduced. So instead of spending costly time and effort fixing problems, we recommend creating processes that reduce errors (using lean thinking). That way, you spend more time adding value and increasing profitability, instead of fixing problems and creating dissatisfied customers. In general we prefer to optimise process capability. We use the world-wide standards. We prefer to use a “Design first” approach called Team Based Business Design Improvement TBBDI©. It uses an optimisation tailoring approach called Business Process Mapping BPM©. TBBDI handles aspects such as Lean and Statistical Process Control.

The biggest advantage of TBBDI is that it helps motivate people to achieve the desired level of improved process capability, without subjecting them to assessment until they have used the improved process for some time.

If needed due to customer demand, we can use the “Assess first” approach. We perform a standards conformant assessment followed by an improvement planning workshop. This is useful when the organization does not have a good idea of its process capability or its desired performance level. We coach process practitioners and can perform process engineering and improvement as part of a client team. We have experience with working at the highest levels of process capability, so we can provide our clients with real practical advice to achieve the highest levels of process optimisation (Capability Level 5 in the ISO15504 scale). We believe working at these levels can help reduce problems and eliminate processes created to correct problems (waste processes).  See Practical Process Profiles for the most advanced way to set process optimisation targets.
Our results can also be assessed using ISO 15504 (and variants such as Automotive SPICE),  SEI CMM and CMMITM assessment methods.

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