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People - Process - Product

Every enterprise comprises three factors to perform its mission and achieve its vision:

  • People
  • Process
  • Product

People provide the fundamental element for excellence (not just the fifth element!), competitive advantage and differentiation, even more so as enterprises become more knowledge and service oriented. We recommend the use of STARS to motivate and guide people to excel.

Process is the set of activities followed to produce products for customers and clients. Optimizing processes eliminates waste, increases efficiency and reduces risk. We recommend the use of the most advanced methodology Practical Process Profiles to optimize processes for specific enterprises, business units and project teams.

Products are both what is produced and the supporting tools and technology used. Products cover domain knowledge and application. Some products can automate processes, or support and guide people to produce better quality and higher performance. We provide training in Agile methods to develop products.

For an enterprise to excel, all three factors must combine and support each other. You want to be in the middle, overlapping zone where people, process and  product create valuable synergies.

That is why it is important to focus on holistic improvement methods that consider people, process AND products together!

Please feel welcome to use and distribute information (acknowledging authorship) about the People-Process-Product model

Copyright notice: You may copy and share the STARS People-Process-Product diagrams as shown without alteration under the GNU Free document license provisions. Any other usage (including alteration or removal of the copyright notice) is not permitted.

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