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Process Assessment

We are experts in performing process assessment for a wide variety of clients. Process assessment is useful when:

  • The client needs to learn how well its processes are performing
  • The client needs to provide evidence of its process capability to clients (called Capability Determination)
  • The client wants to find out what improvement opportunities to pursue first
  • The client is planning an improvement programme covering many business areas and processes

Normally we use the ISO 15504 process assessment standard because we believe it provides the best outcomes (= improvement opportunities), but have also been involved in SEI CMM and CMMI assessments.

  • We use a documented procedure for performing compliant assessments
  • We consult with the client prior to the assessment to set assessment scope and arrange who to involve in interviews
  • We not only perform the assessment but also provide some coaching to participants during the assessment
  • We run improvement planning workshops.
  • We run process implementation workshops. See process optimisation for more information.
  • We provide coaching services for one on one and team improvement.

We quarantee satisfaction.

Read more about ISO 15504 assessments and ISO 15288 assessments.

We can charge a flat rate per day, all expenses included or quote for a complete assessment package.

For more about the assessment standards, we recommend our principal's books on Process Assessment and Improvement (see Publications page).

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