Ready Ready Done Done!

What is the meaning of ...

                                            Ready Ready Done Done!

In Scrum we expect the Scrum team to create a working product at the end of each sprint.

What is a working product?

  • It could be software.
  • It could be a business proposition.
  • It could be a working automobile.


The team must create a potentially shippable or releasable product - we call this product 'done' when it meets a Definition of Done as agreed by the team and the product owner who represents the customers and stakeholders of the team.

Done Done

While a 'done' product is potentially shippable at the end of a sprint (Scrum product development iteration), a 'done done' product goes one step extra - there is literally nothing left to do, the product has been fully tested and accepted by the users, the documentation needed and the action required to actually release the product are completed.


On the other end of a Scrum sprint, which we usually call the start of a sprint :-) we want to know what the team has to build, create or develop. In Scrum, XP (extreme programming) and some similar  methods, this requirement is often expressed as a user story. A 'ready' user story (or requirement) is one that the team understand enough to estimate the scope and complexity and can start work.

Ready Ready

A 'ready ready' user story or requirement is one that not only provides enough information for the team to estimate and start work, but also has information on conditions of satisfaction and user demonstration and acceptance so it will testable. Bill Wake uses the Acronym: INVEST

  • Immediately actionable - the team are able to start work immediately
  • Negotiable - the team and the product owner can make trade-offs on value versus effort, which one to do next and so on.
  • Valuable - the product owner can clearly state the business value of the feature or function provided
  • Estimable - the product owner can estimate value, and the team can estimate the scope and complexity
  • Sized - the item can be developed within the sprint duration.
  • Testable - the resulting item is testable, it has clear tests that can be run to show the item meets the needs.

                                     Han van Loon's Agile and Scrum aproach achieves Ready Ready Done Done!