Scrum in the construction industry

I am working with a client that decided to use Scrum for a significant construction project.

The design team ran a two week Scrum and found that Scrum's cadence is helping them keep better track of progress AND better client interactions.

They ran design validation with their stakeholders at Sprint reviews and also for Product Backlog grooming events.

There are several design teams, each had its own Sprint and Scrum wall, the Design Manager acted as overall Product Owner to coordinate the teams backlog and run a Scrum of Scrum based on the daily stand-ups.

The major challenge was that while the aim is to build a new highway, the actual product (the road) was not yet built, so the design was the actual output. This is not quite producing the real product, but the teams found that they discovered more issues sooner and solved them sooner during the design work. The simpler overview of work also helped keep track of issues.

The client is very happy with the Scrum approach and believed it will help them achieve their tight schedule - the highway was built in little more than one year with no delay!

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