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Scrum Adoption Program

Scrum embraces the Agile values and principles, including simplicity. Here I use the commonly agreed definition of Agile as formulated by the Agile Alliance. If you or your provider doesn't use this, it is likely they really don't understand Agile.

The Scrum guide describes the simplest possible implementation of Scrum. There is a vast body of information available on the internet, but some information is on conflict with other implementation. And if you actively join Scrum forums you will see that even the experts don't always agree. Why is this?

Without going into the details, complexity science guides us that the results obtained are dependent on the relationships (between people) and the environment in which the relationships happen.

So while Scrum embraces simplicity, and you can pick up the Scrum guide and just get started, the Scrum community knows that there is a lot of subtlety in doing Scrum well.

The Adoption Program is designed to help teams and organizations optimize their adoption of Scrum.

 Agile Awareness Sessions

Help stakeholders and potential team members understand what is Agile and what is Scrum. Removes common misconceptions and informs organizations about the basic differences between Agile and non-Agile methods. Finally it answers the question, "Is an Agile method right for you?".

Scrum Training

Provides the potential team and their managers with the information needed to become a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Scrum team members in an enjoyable way with lots of fun exercises. Focuses on mindset changes and the knowledge needed.

Scrum startup workshop

The rapid start that prepares the team to use scrum successfully from sprint one - day one.

The Scrum adoption cycle

A Scrum master coach knows how to coach the team to rapidly and successfully adopt Scrum by specifically focusing on adjusting the environment that the team needs to operate in. Helps team members to change their mindset when doing the job.

Helps those outside the team to adjust and minimize negative impacts while maximizing positive assistance to the team while they learn to apply Scrum on their actual project. An expert Scrum master coach provides the ingredients for success.

Project start up and Initial release planning can be performed in parallel or beforehand as appropriate to the project.

Accelerate your team to rapidly deliver and your business to create rapid value realization.


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