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Star Leaders

What is needed to become a Star Leader?

First, if the role involves people, you need to be a people person. You have to genuinely like working with people and treat them as you want to be treated (not just how you are treated).  Be PEOPLE-CENTRIC.

Second you have to have a vision that appeals to others, so they want to join you in achieving this vision. Be VISIONARY. Third, you have to clearly guide people to achieve both their own goals and your goals. This requires a method to set joint goals.  SET GOALS.

Fourth you need to be able to build teams that work well together, in other words create high performance teams.  TEAMWORK. Fifth, you have to inspire and motivate people. This means giving them the power and means to achieve shared and individual goals. MOTIVATION.

STARS provides a method that achieves all these. It describes how to cover VISION, GOALS, TEAMWORK and MOTIVATION in a PEOPLE-CENTRIC approach to Leadership and Management. And STARS does more because it shows how to enable a culture of STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE!

The book: Reach for the STARS describes the qualities and actions needs to be a Stars Leader. The STARS workshops help turn managers into leaders.

Great leaders improve themselves, help others and society.

In addition we commend you to look at the results of the XING STARS Knowledge Café on Leadership. You are welcome to download the summary results. We welcome feedback and encourage you to explore the use of Knowledge cafés for improving management and leadership in your enterprise.

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