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The Star Manager

What makes a Star manager?

  • A Star manager is prepared to take on challenges that often encompass risk.
  • A Star manager knows how to satisfy customers.
  • A Star manager knows how to develop products.
  • A Star manager is not easily sidetracked by irrelevant issues, but focuses on the main game.
  • A Star manager knows how to build a team and foster teamwork.
  • A Star manager knows how to create processes that aid people using them to achieve the extraordinary, and remove processes that prevent people achieving the ordinary.
  • A Star manager knows that People-Process-Product need to work together to achieve optimal results.

The STARS Methodology provides an innovative and effective approach to management. Unlike existing methods that prescribe a specific approach, such as command and control management, STARS  provides the manager with choice, so the manager can adapt to every situation.

The book: Reach for the STARS describes methods, techniques and improvement activities to create Star managers. STARS workshops provide training to help you become a Star manager. In addition we commend you to look at the results of the XING STARS Knowledge Café on Leadership. You are welcome to download the summary results. We welcome feedback and encourage you to explore the use of Knowledge cafés for improving management and leadership in your enterprise.

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