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Star People

Every enterprise has people who achieve more than their colleagues. Every leader wants these people in their enterprise.

 Why do some people achieve more?

The reasons are varied, they include the skills and experience of the person, the desire to achieve, and the match between the person, teams and the enterprise.The people who achieve more are the Stars. When you look at a Star person, she or he is:

  • Highly motivated to succeed.
  • Knows how to set goals, think and act.
  • Knows how to make the most of his or her skills, competence and experience.
  • Knows how to collaborate and cooperate well with others.
  • Reviews his or her own performance honestly and uses it to improve.
  • Has a superior way to learn and use knowledge.
  • Shares common values and norms within teams and across the enterprise's organization.
  • Enjoys what she or he does.

Becoming a Star person is not a given. It requires knowledge and effort. STARS describes the 5 Ps, I and E of Stars. These are personal characteristics of Stars, that you can learn and apply.

Reach for the STARS - the books and the workshops.

The STARS workshops provides training for people who wish to be Star people.

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