How to become a great leader? How to nurture great managers and team members? How to sustain a motivated and dedicated workforce? How to foster sustainability and the extinction rebellion?

In many enterprises, this is a challenge. Great people are in high demand. Customers  demand quality solutions and quick response. The world's best enterprises have a culture in which people enjoy their work and constantly seek ways to make it even better. They love to excel in their jobs and in their life. Understanding and creating the right culture isn't simple. It is a combination of enterprise vision and mission, leadership, how people are treated and treat others. This is not human resources but human involvement! And it covers how teams and organization of an enterprise should operate. It is expressed through the values, norms and expected behaviors of its people. It can vary widely in similar businesses, mirror aspects of national cultures, and is rarely well understood or managed.

STARS is a methodology that focuses on a humanistic approach to leadership and management in enterprises. It bridges the gap between hard management science and soft people skills. STARS creates a culture of motivated people using right-sized processes and supportive products. 

The STARS concepts and methods cover:

  • Personal approach to quality and performance.
  • Thought Leadership
  • Teamwork and high performance teams.
  • Company culture and enterprise excellence.
  • Sustainable Improvement.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Systems and systems thinking.
  • Customer orientation.
  • Environment, sustainability and the extinction rebellion.
  • Doing the job right.
  • Doing the right job!

The STARS methodology uses an open approach. You will find public contributions throughout this web site, including the STARS Knowledge Café pages. You are welcome to download the results of the Cafés and use them to help you in your quest to improve your personal leadership skills.

STARS combines enterprise and personal views into one coherent synergy. STARS has strong practical application based on the People-Process-Product model. It has been refined with the input of thousands of people who have attended the STARS workshops and Cafés. STARS is not just a concept but a real, practical way to improve leadership and management and personal performance.