Thought Leadership

Han van Loon has led many thought leadership events. These include workshops, knowledge cafes, and conference events. In the STARS methodology, he explains what comprises thought leadership, and illustrates what makes humans unique in this area. He has invented and created various perspectives, models and methods for enhancing thought leadership. These include:

  • 12 Thinking modes
  • TIMEWhirlpool
  • The trust and leadership spiral
  • The human aspects - the 5Ps,I & E, and the team 4Cs

12 Thinking Modes

The way we think influences what we can achieve.

Here I don't wish to explore pop psychology themes such as 'positive thinking' but focus on our cognitive processes.

Most people educated in schools are made aware of (and practice) logical thinking, and this shapes the way we both perceive relationships between ideas and implementations, but are unaware of its limitations. There are at least another 12 thinking modes.

Unfortunately, most people only use a few! Here are some personal thinking modes and their use.

  • Reactive Thinking (reaction)
  • Reflective thinking (reviewing)
  • Logical thinking (determining relationships and impacts)
  • Strategic thinking (setting direction)
  • Lateral thinking (opportunity spotting)
  • Imagination or creative thinking (innovation and ideas)
  • Critical thinking (problem solving)
  • Judgmental thinking (quality appraisal)
  • Holistic thinking (environment scanning)
  • Systems thinking (design and relationships)
  • Chaos thinking (handling ambiguity)
  • Decision thinking (action)

And finally, Metacognition (thinking about thinking).

It is important to realise when your thinking mode is inappropriate and change modes. In STARS each of the modes is explored and training helps foster the ability for you to change as needed.