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IEEE STARS Knowledge Café 28.08.2007
QUATIC STARS Knowledge Café and workshop

STARS Knowledge Café in Kuwait

My host, Eng. Bashayer Al-Awwad organized a STARS knowledge café in Coffee Bean cafe Seif palace branch in Kuwait City. Bashayer is a very dynamic leader and has been the IEEE regional women in engineering coordinator as well as a strong supporter of women engineers in Kuwait and throughout the gulf states.

The topic was of immediate and national importance, specifically looking at what is needed to create an E-Learning Awareness Strategy for the Kuwait government. And the topic of E-Learning lent itself to the highly interactive face to face knowledge café style.

Bashayer had been tasked to create an awareness strategy for the existing E-Learning initiative. The initiative is not well known and so an awareness campaign has to be created and run so that students, parents, teachers, enterprises and the Kuwaiti government all become aware of the initiative. The café goers consisted of 35 academics, parents, enterprise and government employees. We held it in a real café near the palace.

The café proved a major success with 6 major views on the theme being explored and many positive ideas being generated.

My role was not only to facilitate the knowledge café but also to bring the know-how to Kuwait so they can run future STARS knowledge cafés along the same lines. This is part of my volunteer role as IEEE Region 8 Professional Activities event coordinator and trainer.

I would like to thank Bashayer and my IEEE host Eng Fadhel Abulhasan for organizing my visit and look forward to further cooperation.



Café comments

"I liked the format with the changes of views at each table"

"As a table host, I liked meeting many people and learned a lot."

"Great way to meet and discuss important subjects."

"I'll use knowledge cafés in the future myself."

"Thanks Han, it was a great event."

For more visit KWE Facebook in Kuwait

STARS E-Learning café photos

STARS E-Learning Café Views

IEEE Host and secretary

My IEEE host Fadhel Abulhasan and the very busy IEEE Kuwait office secretary Shylan (who took all the photos).

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