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Team Based Business Design Improvement

Team Based Business Design Improvement [TBBDI] is a team empowering approach to improving the team's activities. TBBDI is agile and fast. It uses a 'Design First' approach to quality improvement, while including assessment models as potential input. Team Based Business Design Improvement:

  • helps teams to foster enhanced teamwork
  • harnesses the power of teams to get things done
  • is more motivating because it helps people achieve their goals, rather than assess their shortcomings
  • uses expert facilitation to support change champions and motivate change
  • designs and implements improvements, both small and large changes are possible
  • can make several improvements simultaneously or incrementally
  • uses coaching to get things right the first time = immediate benefit
  • enhances learning and knowledge through use of expert coaches
  • uses assessment models as one form of input
  • delays assessment until the team has improved and is competent
  • is compatible with process assessment methods such as CMMI or ISO 15504 and variants

Because Team Based Business Design Improvement facilitates improvement first and assessment later, it supports change champions who want to innovate or make significant improvements as soon as practical. By focusing on implementing improvement first, it achieves results sooner than 'assess first' methods. By using a team improvement approach it builds a positive culture towards improvement.

Team Based Business Design Improvement particularly suits motivated people and teams who want to  improve faster and achieve results and benefits sooner. It is used together with the TIMEWhirlpool technique from STARS. TBBDI is also a powerful improvement paradigm for agile teams.

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