Executive Scrum training

The Executive Scrum training workshop is specially designed by Han van Loon to inform and educate executives about what ‘Agile’ really means and how Scrum works. The workshop takes about half a day.

It uses participative exercises to illustrate Agile and Scrum principles and practices so that executives
can shape their mindset and approach to Scrum team projects. The aim is to optimize working
relationships and to boost the ability of Scrum teams to self organize and become highly productive.

  • Agile manifesto explained
  • Customer service exercise
  • Agile principles in practice
  • Scrum video and framework exercise
  • High flying teams exercise
  • Product owner role and relationships between stakeholders & sponsors
  • Scrum project estimation and tracking
  • Scrum related training and workshops when you need to know more

If your enterprise is looking to adopt, restart or improve your Scrum team projects, this executive training will help motivate the executives to properly empower Scrum teams. This training has been delivered to executives up to and including managing director level, as well ' 'C' level executives (e.g. CIO, CEO, CTO, CFO). As such it has been proven effective and an efficient use of their time. If you want world class results, you need executives who enbrace Scrum and you need world class Scrum teams. See the Scrum training page for more about team training.