In the squeeze

Middle managers and project managers have a hard life.

In corporations, they are in the ‘corporate squeeze zone’.

In public institutions, they are in the ‘null zone’.

On the one hand senior managers put them under pressure to deliver better business results faster and with higher quality. On the other hand, they need to manage their direct reports and staff to get the best results while preventing dissatisfaction. On the third hand (-: useful when juggling conflicting demands :-) they need to balance their own work and life pressures.

Some managers balance these challenges better than others.   Some managers excel.

The managers that excel rise to become senior and executive managers. The reason that some managers excel has to do with their working practices.

  • Good managers have simple and effective work routines that achieve results.
  • Good managers think constructively.
  • Good managers are people oriented.
  • Good managers find delegation of authority easier to do and obtain better quality outcomes. Reminder! You can only delegate authority, you cannot delegate responsibility!
  • Good managers don't just focus on technical routines, but consider many different aspects. For example, a project manager needs to be both a financial controller and an entrepreneur.  The best perform up to twenty different roles in projects at different times.
  • Great managers change their role and become coaches.

The ways for any manager to become a great manager are well known. They include training, coaching, mentoring and experience. The challenge for the manager is finding time for training and career development while still doing the work. Training needs to efficiently use a manager's time. It needs to be practical and relevant to his or her daily work, while at the same time exposing new concepts and methods that provide long term learning and value.

Our manager training workshops usually run from a half to one day. They use practical exercises and enhanced thinking routines to provide simple, real, useful routines. It is possible to attend one workshop or select several in our coherent holistic workshop programme. They provide valuable benefits while minimising investment - resulting in superior return on investment. Our coaching provides direct on-the-job application and benefits. Our focus is on helping you to be a better manager, and also on becoming a better coach and leader.