STARS Personal workshop

STARS is a people-centric approach to leadership and management. It is a methodology for people to:

  • Excel as individuals.
  • Form and nurture high performance teams.
  • Understand and manage enterprise culture
  • Build customer relationships.
  • Manage product creation and evolution.
  • Apply a system approach and systems thinking.
  • Embrace and handle continual improvement and innovation.
  • Consider environmental issues and integrate them into personal and enterprise operations.

STARS starts with a personal approach to leadership, management and improvement. It highlights how value and competitive advantage increasingly reside in the knowledge and motivation of the people in an enterprise. 

Benefits of STARS:

  • Create a positive mindset to improvement and innovation.
  • Provides methods and techniques to create and support high performance teams.
  • Overcomes the barriers to successful and sustainable improvement, leading to enterprise excellence.
  • Provides techniques to spark creativity.
  • Highlights methods to understand and shape organizational culture.
  • Explains systems thinking approaches to simplify complex problems/situations.
  • Provide methods to satisfy customers and exceed their expectations.
  • Highlights environmental awareness and sustainability methods.
  • Shows how to gain, understand and apply knowledge (the knowledge economy).
  • Recognize and reward the success of colleagues, teams and yourself.
  • Low barrier to entry into STARS via simple models and memorable acronyms, while expanding into increasingly useful detail through a layered knowledge model approach.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn an innovative personal approach to quality and sustainability.
  • Learn how to recognize and apply leadership and management techniques.
  • Building high performance teams, and achieving enterprise excellence.
  • Learn how the best knowledge workers gain and use knowledge, and apply it to improvement and innovation.
  • Overview of the STARS methodology and themes.

Course Content:

The course will introduce the STARS Concept and methodology to participants using "a voyage of discovery" approach, grounded in the participant’s personal viewpoints on quality and management. Participants perform exercises that lead to the STARS concept and themes.

Several individual and team exercises are used together with enterprise situation simulation to make the course a practical learning experience. Practical exercises demonstrate how enterprises create barriers to successful quality achievement and how to overcome them.

Participants receive a workshop kit, including the book: Reach for the STARS.

Participant kit options:

  • Book set: Reach for the STARS and Pocket Guidebook.
  • STARS Polo Shirt.
  • STARS Caps. Six color baseball cap set.
  • STARS Pens.