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United States of America

The USA remains for me a bit of a conundrum.

On the one hand it has some of the most fantastic natural scenery that is easily accessible.

On the other hand it has some of the biggest eyesores created by humans.

It has areas of enormous wealth and almost next door can be great poverty.

Fortunately I get to enjoy some of the better parts of USA and my travel photos reflect this a lot.

One of my favorite places to visit and to ski is Utah. The snow is not as 'powder light' as it can be in Colorado, but often you get more powder. From Salt Lake City, you can ski at about 9 different areas, Alta and Snowbird are my favorites, the latter is also where the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was created. And in the south is some of the most fantastic scenery.

I have spent some time in Washington state for my Agile and Scrum work. Seattle has some nice historic areas and enjoys Puget sound views and the Olympic peninsular to take a complete break from the city.

I have long enjoyed the scenery in places like Utah, Colorado, Arizona and the west coast states including California and Washington state.

I have spent time in cities like Washington DC, New York, Baltimore, Chicago.

On a more recent trip I got to enjoy some of the New England states on the upper east coast. States like Massachusetts, Rhode island, and Connecticut. Every second town seems to have an English name, like New London, or New Plymouth. I traveled from Cambridge - Boston area down and across to Cape Cod, then to Mystic and back up via Fall River and New Plymouth to Boston.

                                                             Yosemite national park

Monument valley

Grand Canyon Arizona

Mesa Verde. Joshua tree. Sequoia. Hwy 550. Washington

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