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STARS and the Café for knowledge sharing and enhancement

The XING event will use the STARS knowledge café approach. The café approach and the event topic are introduced by the event moderator Han van Loon. Participants are seated in a café style arrangement of 5 to 8 people per table. The moderator provides several discussion start points (Aspects of the Topic), which are allocated to tables. Each participant discusses aspects of the topic that are important to him/her. Participants are able to write, draw or sketch pictures and other information on paper sheets covering each table. There are several rounds of conversation, each takes 10 to 15 minutes. A table host notes the most important aspects discovered and discussed at each table. Participants can choose to be "travellers" and change tables each round. At the end of all the rounds, the people at each table provide a summary to all participants of the most interesting and relevant points covered. The event results in not just one viewpoint (that of the moderator) but a range of viewpoints based on the input of all participants. Languages: The introduction will be in English, the discussions will be held in English and German.

A big thank you to all the participants in the XING STARS Café. Han

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