Are you a keen disciple of change management?

Do you like using recent graduates from MBA and other courses?

Do you want average results?

Do you like unsustainable improvement?

Do you hire consultants from the big consulting firms because they are safe or your purchasing department forces you to do so?

While I have nothing against persons who are Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates, after all I have been a professor teaching MBA students for over 5 years, but you need to recognize their limitations. You also need to take care not be sold by senior and principal consultants who come to pitch you, and then put junior staff in your group. Unless of course you are happy wuih average results and change management initiatives that do not produce lasting improvement.

Questions you should form your own opinion on:

  • How important is the topic I need consulting for?
  • Do I have the budget to support this?
  • Do I want quick results or long-lasting sustainable results?
  • Am I just looking for someone to prepare a presentation that I will give to more senior managers?
  • Am I interested in change management or culture management? 

Rather than 'blow my own trump et', here are some excerpts of references from my clients.......

I had the pleasure of working with Han on many challenging projects in Schindler. His extraordinary knowledge and experience in coaching and guiding the IT teams through the Agile methodology and innovative ideas helps to guide our projects to very successful results.  Lucia Palumbo. SCHINDLER.

Han came and trained and coached our startup Scrum team while I was at Zurich. One great thing I learnt from Han when he helped coached my team was the attitude of not procrastinating. He ensured that we take action immediately and not defer what can be done today till tomorrow. I am glad Han was hands on with my team and the feedback and encouragement he gave made adopting agile within the line of business a worthwhile experience. Thanks so much Han. Davies Baigboye.

Han trained and coached myself and the team to use Scrum to successfully deliver the latest generation of mobile customer experience for Zurich Insurance. The project has set a benchmark for excellence in customer service and has won several industry awards.  Margo Cronin. AMAZON Web Services

Han has always been exceptional in his Agile / Scrum teachings and I have seen him turn new teams with little to no previous Scrum experience to highly efficient performers. Evgeni Vachkov. Business Operation Director. R&D TAX Solutions.

I met Han in an Agile awareness program conducted by him in Hong Kong. We were very lucky to bring him to Hong Kong for a month to train multiple business units, development teams and executives about the benefits of Agile and Scrum and the key factors needed to successfully deliver project results. Handy Khow.  Head of Life and Health Strategy ZURICH Hong Kong.

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Han in a large actuarial change project. We converted a number of teams from traditional waterfall approach to Scrum, and Han’s support as my clients Scrum Coach & Agile Expert was instrumental in making this conversion a success. Henrico Dolfing. CIO PwC Switzerland.

I had the pleasure of attending an inspirational presentation by Han on SCRUM methodology and organisational change. His boundless energy and insights were a light in the dark for organisational transformation approaches in large corporations. His ability to bring complex ideas to life through stories made for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I would recommend Han without hesitation. Ann Marie Purvis.

We, Farmers New World Life, were very fortunate to have Han Van Loon as our Scrum Trainer for more than a month long in 2014 at Mercer Island office. During his tenure here, we have gained from Han's expertise and knowledge about Scrum through and through. We are now confidently can utilize the Scrum methodology to deliver project on time, on budget and with quality.  Karen Lu. FARMERS New World Life.

Han is a great organized training expert, his workshops are exciting and interesting and lead directly to their objectives. His focus and passion are a real assset to lift a team on the next level! Monty Cachej. CREDIT SUISSE.

You can read more of them on LinkedIn.