STARS Workshops

  • Voyage of Discovery workshop. Learn about the 5Ps I and E of individuals. Learn about the STARS types. Highlight personal viewpoints and their effect on how you live and work. Understand the effect of personal thinking modes and how to use the right modes to improve and achieve success. Learn how to better formulate aims and set goals.
  • Team TIMEWhirlpool © workshop. Building and motivating high performance teams. The 4Cs of teams. Understand the way to foster teamwork via the TIMEWhirlpool and improve team leadership.
  • Customer Satisfaction workshop. Understanding the customer, how to satisfy customer needs and exceed expectations.
  • Sustainable Improvement workshop. Building a sustainable improvement approach. The use of Team Based Business Design Improvement (TBBDI ©), assessment and Business Process mapping (BPM ©).
  • Creativity and Innovation workshop. Understanding the basis for creativity and innovation. Understanding individual creative strengths and weaknesses. Learning to apply individual and team methods to foster creativity and innovation.
  • Culture and enterprise excellence workshop. Understanding enterprise culture via its people. Cultural survey and feedback. Effect of culture on improvement and innovation. Effect on enterprise profit. Building a culture of enterprise excellence.
  • Product – project workshop. Understanding how to target products to customers. Building and delivering products that provide value and create profit. Reducing complexity in products.
  • Systems workshop. Learn how to use Systems Thinking. Understanding how assumptions create pitfalls and problems and how to avoid them. Understanding the way an enterprise functions (the theory of the enterprise) and how to adopt and adapt the theory to achieve desired outcomes. Applying scrutiny to systems thinking and the enterprise. 
  • Environmentand sustaibability workshop. Introduction to environmental issues. Understanding through scanning the environment. Apply the 3Rs for better environmental and sustainability outcomes
  • The Leadership workshop is described here.
  • The Personal workshop is described here.

Workshop content is discussed with the client so that they have a tailored workshop shapes to their needs.

Workshop Approach

The STARS © workshops are designed to both entertain and educate. When people enjoy something  they remember more about the event afterwards. When the event is educational, they learn more because they enjoy it. The STARS workshops combine physical and mental exercises to reinforce learning and use. Han’s “Aussie humor” generates an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

Workshop Selection

Clients can choose any combination of workshops to suit their needs. It is recommended that the Voyage of Discovery workshop be run first as this lays the foundation for the principles used in other workshops.

Workshop Prices

The workshops are tailored to individual enterprise needs. Our pricing reflects the tailored needs, the number of participants and the topics covered. We set attractive per participant pricing which is competitive against industry standards. The books are included in the workshop pricing. We welcome a discussion with you in order to understand your needs and expectations and set an agreed and attractive price.

Physical Exercises.

The physical exercises are non-threatening but introduce a little personal stress. They are easy enough for the majority of people to perform yet are very illuminating. They create awareness of personal behavior of selves and others, while emphasizing the need for teamwork. The types of activities generally used are not meant to be extreme; they are not like ‘Ropes’ or other similar activities (climbing, abseiling, rafting, hang gliding, etc.). While these types of activities are fun for many people, they can be very emotionally threatening to others or even impossible for some people. In addition, these types of activities rarely relate back to the enterprise needs, the lessons learned are mostly personal, rather than work related. STARS workshop exercises can include the ‘blindfold walk’, the ‘human knot’, and ‘walk the plank’.

Mental Exercises.

The mental exercises are the most important activities in the STARS workshops. STARS workshops are participatory, not just lectures. The workshops begin from a personal viewpoint, expand into team application, and ultimately into enterprise and organization wide application.


One of the weaknesses of many workshop events is ensuring that the benefits and outcomes of the event are available and useful after the event. We use a variety of multiple media event capture, story walls, and other techniques, as well as providing follow-on services to support teams and organizations.

Participant Comments

"It was a real pleasure to attend today at EPFL the "Thought Leadership Workshop" delivered by Prof. Han van Loon. A fun and interactive approach to team management and leadership."   Maria Alexander Paun.

"I thought the workshop with Professor Han van Loon on leadership was definitely out of the box. A non-conventional leadership workshop. Han's creates a friendly participative atmosphere, with simple but very illustrative exercises, diving into personal and team aspects. The book is a lovely token to build on top of and refer to. Life is short, set your goals, and instead of dreaming it just do it. "   Mathieu Coustans

'I actually booked for another session but came to this session by chance and am pleased I did' Ronny.  

'Exceeded my expectations'. Ana

"Since I have listen to your spoken and written words I re-discovered my passion for leading. I am reading your book right now. It is amazing and easy as well."  Johanna Dahm, HEADS Executive Consultancy

"I would like to thank you for organizing this great event! It was really worth spending a whole day with this amazing lecturer who taught us a lot due to his international work experience. I would be glad if we could have further workshops like this in the future at USI."   Katharina, Master in Management

"It was really very beneficial and illuminating. I am sure that the presented information will be useful in all spheres of my life, and will become an integral part of my knowledge, and one of my key competences. Very interesting and practical. Far different than the lectures I was attending during my studies."    Armando, Master in Informatics

"STARS allowed the opportunity to look at leadership through another perspective.  The Workshop was worth every minute and I look forward to reading the book."   Bryce, Master in Management.

"Exactly what I am interested in. I am a Management master student, so all the information was relevant not only to my studies, but also to my interests."   Jessica, Master of Management student.

"I learned a lot about the leadership and the management theories and models, something that could be implemented into the practice."  Paolo, Lecturer.

"I really liked him. Prof. van Loon seems to be so experienced and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this one and this day passed so fast for me (not like some other workshops I have previously attended), so it would be great to organize more of them. I give it a 9.5/10. I really enjoyed it. It was not only a theory, but also the workshop was full of examples and interactive games. Really worth it."      Aleksandar, Master in Management

"Great! Far more interactive than I could expect. Simple and fun exercises reminded me how to organize my work. And everything is so simple and obvious. Great lecturer! Despite his experience and knowledge very approachable and direct. The atmosphere during the workshop made me remember the quote from Confucious: “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Engage me and I will understand.”     Igor, informatics PhD student

“The STARS workshop with Professor Han van Loon was a very useful introduction to key concepts and best practices of team management, leadership, and time management, with interactive exercises and examples of techniques that can help you achieve your goals in life, both personal and professional."   Joana Machado