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ISO 15288 & ISO 15504-6

The process assessment model for ISO 15288 (System Life cycle processes) is ISO 15504-6.

This is now nearing completion in the ISO committee for re-issue to cover changes and better align with ISO 15288 - 2008. As a member of that committee I have been working towards this re-issue for the past year. Han.

Practical Process Profiles used for construction industry

Leistings Consult has just completed a risk based Practical Process Profile for A-Lanes A15 in the construction industry. Their management system needed to comply with ISO 15288 (systems life cycle) and ISO 15504 as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14401. The client chose to use the Practical Process Profile methodology to optimize processes and minimize risks. This is the second full profile after one created for the Space industry.

Contact us for more details and to learn how this method can help your enterprise.

STARS Leadership workshop

A STARS Leadership workshop was run at the University of Salamanca in Spain for IEEE Spanish professional activities. Nine participants from around Spain attended. See the STARS Leadership workshop page for futher details.

High performance team workshop

I ran a STARS high performance team workshop in Kuwait for IEEE Professional Activities and Kuwait Women Engineers. The event was hosted by Eng. Bashayer Al-Awwad and brought together a dozen women engineers. The principles of serious fun were evident, particpants awarded the training top marks.

STARS Knowledge Cafés in Kuwait. E-Learning Awareness, Social networks & Leadership.

Target Process Profiles

February 2011: My sponsored new ISO standard work item has been approved for ISO/IEC TS 15504 Part 9. This will bring out a higher level standard that covers the requirements for practical process profile type methods.

May 2010: After the Japan ISO plenary and an electronic editing workshop, the working draft has been issued as a draft technical report (DTR). This is the second last stage in the standardization process. The aim is to have the Technical Report by the end of this year. 

November 2009: At the ISO working group in China it was agreed to approve the working draft as a preliminary draft technical report, meaning that there is a first level consensus in the ISO committee.

STARS workshop

A STARS one day workshop was run at the I E E E Professional Activities summit in Leuven, Belgium. This introduced participants to parts of the methodology via a business simulation and a variety of leadership and management activities. Participant quotes:

'I actually booked for another session but came to this session by chance and am pleased I did' Ronny.

'A really interesting view of management and leadership that I can use.' Hans

'Exceeded my expectations'. Ana

Value-Added Book

My good friends in USA, Netherlands and Poland have published:

Value-Added Partnering and Innovation in a Changing World.  ISBN 978-1-55753-513-9

through Purdue University Press in the United States. I contributed a chapter to the book.

Congratulations to Marina van Geenhuizen, Dariusz Trzmielak, Maciej Urbaniek and David Gibson !

Practical Process Profiles

An article on Practical Process Profiles is published in the November-December edition of the IEEE IT professional magazine.

Practical Process Profiles is the first methodology to specify how to create and use the second of the two dimensions (capability) in process assessment and improvement models including ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE, Automotive SPICE, S4S) and CMMI. They can be tailored to industry and enterprise specific profiles, that reduce risk and improve quality. The book: Process Assessment and Improvement describes how Practical Process Profiles are created and used. The second edition of the process assessment books are available. Order now for delivery.

It also is fully compilant with the ISO 15504 part 9 standard, currently going through the ISO standardisation process.

STARS Café news

The STARS Cafés with XING and IEEE in Zürich provided rich conversations and useful outputs for the participants. There have now been 3 XING STARS knowledge cafés. All the outputs are available on the website.

The café at Quatic in Lisbon, Portugal was enjoyed by all engaged participants.

Reach for the STARS article published in the American Society for Quality flagship magazine: Quality Progress - April 2007 in the Best Practice category.

STARS Course with iSQI

Public STARS course: Leadership and Improvement with International Society for Quality Improvement..

Practical Process Profiles

A course with iSQI in Germany.

Due to demand, a hardcover edition of the book: Reach for the STARS is now available.

STARS and Knowledge Management

Article published in the APEM Journal.

New Methods - Practical Process Profiles

Practical Process Profiles combines new methods of relating value creation and risks in order to determine which processes are most important to business performance. The basis for the method has been proven in a project used to set process profiles to optimise safety related software and system development.

Editorial Boards

Invited onto the editorial boards for the following refereed journals:

  • Advanced Production Engineering and Management Journal
  • International Journal of Design Engineering

STARS and Projects

Project management course using STARS to start at UBIS in Geneva.


IEEE Switzerland Executive

Schweizer Normen Verein

ISO JTC1/SC7 working group

CONQUEST Quality Conference

Presentation: "Why order half a cup of coffee?"

Book Launch - UBIS

Order online:LCShop

Poland - Invited Keynote Speaker

Keynote on the 'Future of Quality'

Agile Software Project course

STARS Tutorial at SPICE Conference

European Space Agency project completion

"Since I have listen to your spoken and written words I re-discovered my passion for leading. I am reading your book right now. It is amazing and easy as well."

Johanna Dahm, HEADS Executive Consultancy


Great audience to hear about Practical Process Profiles at International Spice Days.

"I wanted you to know that I finally got around to reading your STARS book and found it very interesting, with some useful information in there. Keep up the great work!"
Best regards,
Linda Ibrahim 2007

" To meet you was one of the highlights of last week's Conquest,...I like your half-cup-of-coffee metaphor and especially the example of misdirected process optimization (flight delay information)."

Andreas Kelm

DVD video and Photos on CD available in LCSHOP.

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